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Investment Focus

Ke Nako's disciplined approach to portfolio construction is being driven by four primary themes, namely focus on the mid-cap "sweet spot", investment led growth, the continuing emergence of the black middle class and the role of South Africa as the "gateway" to the African growth story.

South African mid-cap "sweet spot"

Ke Nako believes that the way to unlock the South African opportunity is in the mid-tier market, where there is less competition, less pricing pressure and more proprietary generated investment ideas to drive value.

Investment-Led Growth

The first theme is a shift from "consumption-led" to "investment-led" growth, with South Africa seeing a dramatic increase in capital formation activities to replace and improve outdated infrastructure thereby increasing economic capacity and supporting long-term improvement in economic growth. More than ZAR 800 billion (USD 110 billion) is expected to be invested through the government's infrastructure programme from 2011 to 2013, focusing particularly on electricity, housing and transport.