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Private Equity Survey 2011
Venture Capital and Private Equity Industry Performance Survey of South Africa covering the 2010 calendar year

Deloitte South African Private Equity Survey
The calm after the storm? The South African Private Equity Confidence Survey

RisCura PE Performance Report
South African Private Equity Report

Our vision is to be the premier South African independent fund-of-funds manager providing institutional investors with exclusive access to best-of-breed private equity fund managers via a diversified fund of Private Equity funds platform.

Ke Nako is a niche business focused primarily on the selection and management of private equity fund investments in South Africa, bringing together a highly regarded team of individuals whose combined skill-sets provide a unique blend of both the private equity and investment banking disciplines.

Through our first mover advantage of being the only independent fund-of-funds manager, we have established a number of local strategic partners where we can build long term relationships with no inherent conflicts of interest.